About me

I am so happy and excited to announce my business Chalice Hypnotherapy.


It has been an amazing and life changing journey and one i want to share with you .
Studying at the gold standard Clifton practice for hypnotherapists based in Peterborough where the training was very comprehensive in theory and in practice and it was here that my life changed for the better and i became a fully qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist  and psychotherapist.

I know from personal experience how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can create positive changes in a short period of time. I have suffered in the past with anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and bouts of depression. I was not in control of my life and wanted to get that back. This goal I have achieved ! How did i do this ? With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy  I started to take back that control of my thinking patterns and emotional responses.

Previously before training as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist I worked for ten years in the NHS where I gained lots of skills and experience, but I am passionate about Solution Focus Hypnotherapy and had to go forward in a new direction with much excitement for the future and to help you to find your own potential again and move forwards in making your own positive changes.

Coming from a hospital background, I understood the importance of good training  and recognized qualifications, registration with the appropriate associations and on going professional development.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy appealed to me because It is based on up to date neuroscience research relating how the brain works with how we think and the changes we can make for the better. I was also drawn to the solution focused therapy as it focuses on the future and not the past, going back to the past does not change the future this really resonated and experiences from my own past. It was only when i started to work in a forward thinking way that the changes started to occur.


Seeing the changes in people Solution Focused  Hypnotherapy can bring about is very rewarding and satisfying. I feel very pleased for my clients.

Please call or message me if you would like more information on how i can help you make the changes in your life to move forward.