Why the name Chalice Hypnotherapy

Its Saturday morning , I am relaxing in bed while writing this and just wanted to  answer a question I get asked a lot on why I choose the name Chalice Hypnotherapy  for my business.

The name has meaning and that symbolism of change,  so  when ever i hear it ,   it reminds me of the moment I took action in my mind.   Not just think about it.   I knew what I was going to do,  what I had to do,  to start getting those natural human needs met.

There was certain aspects of my life that needed to change and transform .  I was not content with the way my life was drifting into the same every day . Although I had a good job it no longer fulfilled or stretched my brain,  and as human beings our brain needs to learn and stretch and grow with new knowledge.

I guess the other interesting factor that led to that change to move forwards in a completely new direction was something that initially was perceived by myself as being a negative event actually also contributed to being the other catalyst and push that i needed.  If that had not of happened would I actually decided to change ? who knows?  But I think I still would have !

So back to the name and recently i have been asked a lot by my clients why the name chalice hypnotherapy its different to the others out there.

I went to visit Glastonbury,  herd so much about it and I had always wanted to go , visit all the spiritual and beautiful interesting places they had to offer. Of course I was intrigued by the amazing crystal shops and book shops I had been told about too. I refuse to say how much I spent in those shops its a secret lol.

While in Glastonbury and taking this much needed break from my life, with hubby, we visited a beautiful garden with one of Britain’s  most ancient wells . For two thousand years it has been a place where people go to find peace solace and inspiration.

While sat in this beautiful place with my bare feet in freezing cold water is where I knew I was going to take the leap and train to be a hypnotherapist something I had always been interested in for many years but had never done anything about it. I decided this time action was going to be taken , many times we all do this,  where we know change has to happen,  but no action is followed threw.  This time I followed it with action and the ball just rolled and the more small changes I made the bigger ones were not far behind.

Whenever I reflected back about how much my life changed completely and so much for the better I always looked back to that point as the main inspiration to get going just taking that time out from life and being in this beautiful spiritual place of meaning.

A perfect name for my new career therefore had to be Chalice Hypnotherapy.

This was just my personal story of how changes started to happen, for everyone it is very different but there always does seem to be that point we hit and know that we have to grow and move forwards and so it is perfect and I love very much that this is what I am helping people to do in their own lives.

Thanks for taking the time to read how Chalice Hypnotherapy came about .