The first steps in waking up to change .

I saw this quote today and i found that this really stood out for me and most defiantly for most of the clients who come to see me .
They have decided, you have decided now is the time to move. 
When you get to that point of realization / almost an awakening point you then start to look for solutions that will get you on the right track to achieve that movement into a better way. 
I am someone who is passionate about moving you to that goal. 
All too often we know what we do not want in life, how we do not want to behave how we do not want to be like this anymore. 
I help you to focus you on what you want , how you want to be , what changes you want to make ! 
If you are ready to move, to not stand still anymore! to wake up to a new way of being and thinking please get in touch .