Weight management and how hypnotherapy can help.


Evening all, hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather we are having ! Today I want to have a talk about weight management as I do get asked a lot about it, and how hypnotherapy can help?

Hypnotherapy gives you the tools to put you back in control around food and make better choices overall and also around exercise, motivation and confidence.

In a session with me I teach you all about the brain and how we get stuck in certain eating habits and the choices we make around food why we do and how to change it.

Just some of the things I talk about is how we give ourselves short fast fixes of food rewards, the feel good chemical dopamine is released, the result of this is that we can eat not according to energy needs but purely for pleasure. In an environment where foods are abundant together with a less active lifestyle it’s easy to understand how the dopamine reward system plays a crucial role in our eating habits and behaviors.
A recent study offers insight into dopamine and the obesity connection. The study showed overweight women produce less dopamine when eating food, so the more we eat the less good we feel so the more we carry on eating. Study recommends that we increase dopamine, so we don’t rely on food and that’s where we can help enormously.

The steroid hormone cortisol has also been strongly linked to obesity. Cortisol is released in response to stress. If you have too much cortisol in the body it favors fat storage and stimulates hunger and feeding so you don’t want to produce too much So, it is very important to reduce cortisol in the body.

. Clinical studies have shown that obesity is linked to stress and other psychological disturbances. Life can be stressful.This again is where hypnotherapy can be so helpful.

I also get asked the question , what if the weight gain is down to a medical condition or medications ? Hypnotherapy can still help to create changes in managing this better, for instance more exercise better and healthier eating and living.

Hypnotherapy and weight management is not a overnight change and success story you still have to work at it, but with the knowledge you gain from me during sessions and why it is so vitally important to work on our thinking patterns and mind can help you to achieve this goal.

This is just a small amount i talk about in my sessions and combined with the very relaxing hypnosis it is an all round very relaxing and positive experience. For weight management normally you would need around 8 – 12 sessions but everyone is different, some may need less or more.

If you would like to have the free initial consultation with me just get in touch either message / email/ website or any other questions please ask i will be very happy to help .

many thanks for taking the time to read and please feel free to share if you know some one you think might benefit or just find it useful.



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